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I've always loved to be my own boss, but the problem was that I did not know how can I work on my business not in my business. The day I started working on my business is the day my whole life changed. Now that I run a global company with clients from over 23 countries globally, things have been great not for us only but with our clients too.entrepreneurship trainer and Mr Automator,
Now, I am an Amazon Best Seller of the book "No More Excuses For Me", Business coach, Entrepreneurship Trainer and Mr. Automator. Let me help you achieve that goal you always wanted to achieve yet not knowing how to. I will help you execute. Let's Do It Together!!!

My Story

Raised by parents who were co-parenting me made me a stronger person than I never thought that I will be yet also gave me depression that ended up causing me to have speech impairment and I was suppose to just sit home and use that as my biggest excuse. Look now,, all my businesses need me to use my voice for me to make money and tell me how on earth was I supposed to be successful with such a big excuse? Today, I have spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs helping them overcoming their excuses that is limiting them from achieving greatness in their business and life in general.
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