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A Training for Everybody

No matter your situation in life, there is always a way to get what you want with the help of the coach who is Mr No Excuse.

The Automation Coach

Mr M Dongo is now the Automation Coach after helping so many entrepreneurs to automate their businesses while creating time for other things that matters.

Let Us Automate Together

It's Time To Go Global

Mr M Dongo also help his clients to build a global business and brand for any business industry and niche. Do you know that there are other people who want your products and services globally?

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Time To Sell Like A Pro

Did you know that, If you cannot sell, you cannot be in business? Yes, there is a way of selling that can take your business to the whole new level. Join me in this course and let's sell the 21st way.

Sell Like A Pro

Let's get down!


Hi, I'm Mr M Dongo. I have been helping entrepreneurs from over 23 countries since 2017 to start, restructure and sustain their businesses through business coaching, entrepreneurship training and automation.

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One On One Coaching

Mr M Dongo provides one on one coaching to all entrepreneurs either that are still starting up, that are established or those who want to sustain and scale to the next level.

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Entrepreneurship Training

We run entrepreneurship events with attendees from all over the world. Please click on the button below to either attend or speak at our next event.

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Let Us Automate it

The best part of doing business in 21st century is that you have the ability to automate your business and focus on what gives you more money. Check out!

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Want to learn all from Mr. M Dongo?

As you know that entrepreneurship is a very wide sector with so much to learn, Mr M Dongo created a NETFLIX for ENTREPRENEURS where you are able to learn all the course and new updates are coming in the academy every week and month.

Business Structuring

Learn everything you need to know about how to structure your business for success while building an empire.

Sales and Marketing

Learn all the modern ways of doing all your marketing and sales and stand out from the noise of  the market.


Get coaching from Mr. M Dongo and his coaches that will help you grow your business the right way.



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"...Mr M Dongo helped to launch in less than 10 days after wasting 18 months of trying..."


"...Mr M Dongo helped me to establish my global brand and automated it. Thanks buddy.."


"I am so proud of the way you are committed to making a difference in other people's lives. "

Kanu Jacobson

"...I am soaring like an eagle because of the help on automation that I got from Mr M Dongo and I am so grateful...."

Jae Ma

"I am so grateful for meeting you Mr M Dongo and for giving me my first opportunity to speak on your platform!"

Charlie Banda

"I never thought that one day I will do what I love and still earn from it until I met the coach himself, Mr M Dongo"

Have fun and make money!


You don't have to be a pro in anything for Mr M Dongo will simplify the process for you and show you exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it.

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